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Stihl 362-CM

 When you need to cut wood, fast. These are totally not my own photos. I need to take some next time I'm at the lake house with this beast.

Yaesu FT-3DR

 Started with an AnyTone AT-D878UV , but returned it in favor of a  Yaesu FT-3DR .

YSF Reflector

After earning my ham radio technician license on 10/28/2020, I dove head first into the hobby. One of the things that interests me in particular is digital modes and packet radio. At the recommendation of a colleague, and many folks on the Internet, I picked up an  OpenSpot3  hotspot. This hotspot is very capable, and is a good fit for my C4FM based Yaesu radios. I made the rounds with AmericaLink and ZombieNet, but initially had no idea these were not actually Wires-X rooms, but rather, other entry points accessible to hotspots that were being bridged to their native existence. Ok, got it, I think. In essence, my first visit to the digital ham world was via my local clubs dual-mode (FM & C4FM digital) repeater. Armed with the frequency and tone info from  RepeaterBook , and fumbling my way through learning to program my new  FT3DR , I was speaking digital. This repeater in particular is part of a set of repeaters in my general geography, which are all integrated via a device cal